Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Post #1




第一就是 在2007年时说不会在安华出来之前大选。。结果赶在安华出来前一个月大选。。也就是3月8日大选

第二 2月13日早上,报纸还写,首相澄清不会在今天宣布解散国会。。更说2月13日解散国会的传言是荒唐。。

第三 连续6月3日6月4日两天报纸到写汽油价不会在6月之内调高。。会在8月才调高。。那里知道在6月5日就调高了

第四 首相说不用利用汽油降价,来做补选糖果。。而且还大大声说,说好了9月就是9月。决不会在8月26日前降价,所有传言都不属实。。结果在8月22日宣布8月23日降价。。






I always heard people saying that Perodua produce better quality cars than Proton, but i don't think that's the case now.


The Perodua Myvi has received a facelift 3 years after it was launched, at a time which would appropriately be mid-point in its lifecycle. There are updates with the exterior, interior, equipment as well as price, which naturally have been revised higher.

On the exterior you get a new look on the front and the rear, more of the front than the rear actually as the rear only gets a new bumper. The front gets a new bonnet and front bumper with new foglamps but the headlamp remains the same. All 1.3 liter models get UV protection glass which are said to be able to repel 91% of harmful UV rays.

The interior receives the option for a blue Optitron meter panel for the Premium version, a style that was introduced on the Myvi SE. The rest of the Myvi range continues to have the amber Optitron meter, and the white meter is now gone. The meter panel is now of a three-gauge design with the speedo rearranged to the middle instead of previously located on the left. The rev meter has been moved from the right to the left.

The dashboard is now two tone with a separate colour for the lower section. The area where the audio and climate controls are have also been revised. The integrated audio system gains the ability to read MP3 and WMA files from CDs, and there is now a USB port (1.3 Premium only) for you to plug in a thumb drive or a media player. The system also has a Bluetooth handsfree feature (1.3 Premium only) to pipe your phone calls through the car’s audio system.

The seats have also been redesigned with a new cover design (for 1.3 liter only) and for the premium versions now feature the ability for seat height adjustment up to 45mm.

The premium version also features a teh tarik hook at the back of the front passenger seat. All versions get an underseat tray under the front passenger seat.

The engines are unchanged. The lower end models use a 1.0 liter EJ-VE inline-3 DOHC engine with variable valve timing producing 58 horsepower at 6,000rpm and 88Nm of torque at 3,600rpm while the 1.3 liter models use the K3-VE inline-4 DOHC with variable valve timing producing 86 horsepower at 6,000rpm and 116Nm of torque at 3,200rpm.

And the following is the new pricing for the facelifted Myvi:

Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.0 SR M/T (Solid) RM38,924.10
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.0 SR M/T (Metallic) RM39,447.30
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Standard M/T (Solid) RM43,400.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Standard M/T (Metallic) RM43,900.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Standard M/T (Special Metallic) RM44,300.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Standard A/T (Solid) RM46,400.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Standard A/T (Metallic) RM46,900.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Standard A/T (Special Metallic) RM47,300.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Premium M/T (Solid) RM46,200.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Premium M/T (Metallic) RM46,700.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Premium M/T (Special Metallic) RM47,100.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Premium A/T (Solid) RM49,200.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Premium A/T (Metallic) RM49,700.00
Perodua Myvi Facelift 1.3 Premium A/T (Special Metallic) RM50,100.00

Interest rates are now apparently between 4.1% to 4.3% depending on loan period.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Batman TDK Poster

This is an original poster of latest Batman Movie: The Dark Knight.
For your info, Edison Chan, the Hong Kong actor/singer also play a 'tiny' role in this movie, so someone decide to edit the poster to slot in Edison Chan.

Now i present you the edited poster:

REALLY FUNNY.....i think it really is.....

Anyway, i've watched this movie and i like it alot. This is not a movie for kids, go watch your Batman anime, this movie is reserved for adults, and for adults who are sicked of Hollywood's Bing-Bang-Boom,Super Duper Spectacular Action Scene with rubbish plot, example: Mr & Mrs Smith, The Fantastic 4, Die Hard 4.0, Rainbow 4 and others.
This Batman is really different, although a bit dark.....gloomy.....not a comedy indeed.
So if you have not watch it, give it a try.....