Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Final Preparation...

Yup, my final preparation for this semester's Final Examination has begun.
When final exam's around the corner, you get to see lots of people in the library, doing anything including studying and taking nap.

This is one of the study area in the library. Without the final exams, these seats would be empty for the whole semester.
Advantages of library: Quiet, cool.
Disadvantages: Far from hostel.

Therefore, some students go to hostel's study rooms to study.

Advantages of hostel's study rooms: Cool, able to eat, able to talk louder, near hostel.
Disadvantages: sometimes it's VERY NOISY !

There's a few study rooms fitted with air-conditioner. Can be very cold during rainy day.

When we are studying, we use our brain, our hands and our mouth.

We eat, we drink, we chit-chat and we study.

When we get bored, we try to entertain ourselves...

When we really really get bored and tired, we go Yam Cha/Lim Teh. Finally, we go back room to meet DATUK Zhou.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tagged by Xin Yin & later Wan Yi

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The rules and regulations:

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
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Yee Leng(n ur whole gang), Lik Ming, Jing Ci, Ah Fi, KennySia, EdmundYung, SimonSii, Kathylnn, GuanYu( faster set up ur blog lah~~), Emily.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Snapshots #2

Does the person in red looks like......(scroll down)

looks like....The person in white sitting on the dinosaur?

A traditional birthday's gift for birthday boy.

A hari raya mini musical performance at The Garden. The best raya music i've ever heard.

Superb Burger: Carl's Junior's Burger. A must try and mostly recommended burger .

Lik Ming trying out the fire extinguisher.

There's an apple among the tomatoes.....can you spot it?

Friday, October 17, 2008

毒食品! 染色黑芝麻!

毒食品! 染色黑芝麻!

马来的卫生部没人验! 自己帮他们验!

已知 古晋 某些
食品批发商售 糕饼原料供应商售 杂货店 售

古晋 黄土路
[宏X] 有售

古晋 印度街



for more info, plz visit:

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Last weekend, i had a two days trip to Bahau (my friend's hometown) with my close friends from Inti.

It took us around 20 minutes drive from Nilai to Seremban and another approx. 1hour drive from Seremban to Bahau.

We stopped at Seremban 1st to fetch my friend's little brother from school. He's studying at Seremban High School, which is a Chinese Private School like CHMSno.1.

Administrative building of Seremban High School.

Main entrance to the school. The buildings on the left and right are hostels and the canteen is on the ground floor.

Map of Seremban High School. Hand-drawn, nice.

A hall with the girls' hostel on top of it. Note that one cannot see through the window of the girls' hostel from outside. I think the school doesn't want boys from the opposite side (which is the boys' hostel) to peak at the girls.

Hostel's common room.

Seremban High School will turn 100-year-old on the year 2013. This is their countdown board.

This is the school's canteen. Above it is the boys' hostel.

Looks like mini market from the previous century,old and classic.

Taekwando Training Hall.

Multipurpose Hall standing behind the basketball courts.

The multipurpose hall has lots of badminton courts inside.

Taken beside the basketball courts. These are few of my close friends from inti. From left: Pua, Si Liang, Lik Ming, Hui Yuan and Mandy.

The school also has mirrors on their staircases. I think most Chinese Private Schools pratice this.

Beautiful chinese-style pavillion down there.

Two couple posing in front of the pavillion. Sweet huh... :D

Seremban High School looks big and classic.

Their football field.

Swimming pool.

Tennis courts.

Squash courts. By the way, they also have gym room. Overall i think Seremban High School has lots of facilities. A school which put more attention on sports.

Then we continue driving to my friend's house which is in Bahau. I did not take many picture of Bahau. Basically it's a small town like urm..... the size of whole Tabuan (Jaya+Lalu+Stutong+etc) + BDC, including Jln Song.

My friend has 2 cute pets:

The white rabbit.

Cute? I think it is cute. The other one is this hyperactive dog. It's already 8-9-year-old but still small size.

She also has another dog but it's just a normal dog. So what have we done in Bahau? Urm...Nothing really special actually. A nice bbq that night, played playstation and visited my firend's primary school on the second day. We spent most of the time at my friend's house. Relax and had fun.