Sunday, November 30, 2008

I met KennySia today!?

Not really meet him on the street or what, it's actually that i went for this talk organized by Sin Chiew. The talk is about popular bloggers from Malaysia sharing their experience to the public and Kenny Sia is one of them. I think this is the 1st time in East Malaysia to have talk given by bloggers.

So the speakers are:

Kenny Sia ( If you're from Malaysia but dunno or never heard of him before, you've gotta update yourself. He's one of the most famous blogger in Malaysia.

Sze Shyang ( is a famous blogger for blogging his comics and drawings about Kuching.

I think this one is funny... In the past( 4-5 years ago) Kuching never have any Starbucks or The Coffee Bean so Kuching people normally go to Kopitiam to have drinks. So the drawing above is about a guy walked into Starbucks Coffee to order a thick-coffee-kosong, just like the way he usually ordered at typical Kopitiam.

钟进贺, RawangBoy ( he is the most active speaker and really talks a lot.

SnowXwhite ( only female speaker and the least talkative one. She said she's 20 and still doing university.

Actually i 'm only interested in Kenny Sia, cause i never see him in person before although i'm from Kuching and he's also from Kuching, how ironic.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jase's Tea House, Kuching

I went to this coffee house/tea house, Jase's Tea House with my brother, located at the new commercial center besides Stampin Primary School. It's my friend, Adam, who introduced this place when i came back to Kuching on July.

I decide to blog about it this time but not that time is because i did not carry camera with me that time. My phone's camera is so lousy on taking indoor photos. However, my brother has a SLR, so I can post better quality photos here.

It's on the 2nd floor and from what i heard it's actually owned by a boss who is famous in selling 'Sio Bee' (A kind of Tim Sam) at open air near Riverside.

Jase's Tea House is something like Starbucks or the local player Bing. However, I'm not sure which one of them make better coffee because I'm not an expert in this field. I guess I'll have to leave it to you guys to find out.

My friend Adam told me that the mango juice made by them is very nice. He is right! Although it costs RM8++, almost reaching RM9, probably the most expensive mango juice I've ever drank, it really worth a try and I would say that it's the best mango juice I've ever drank.

My brother ordered a carrot juice. Not as special as the mango juice I ordered but it's still good. It's cheaper than the mango juice, around RM7-RM8.

They also sell 'Sio Bee' (of cause lah... since the boss sell Sio Bee for living...). This one is a 6 pieces steamed Sio Bee. It costs RM4.80. All I can say about theSio Bee is that it taste ok. Good? I dunno, not a food expert but it's just fine.

By the way, Bing also going to open a branch here. For those who are in Kuching, you can go and try it out or probably hang out with your friends here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Government now enjoying fuel tax revenue!!??

What a turn of events! In just a few months we’ve gone through a record number of petrol price hikes and reductions, the hasty introduction of a lump sum-based subsidy cheque, and more. All because of fluctuating crude oil prices.

As of today, Malaysians have begun paying tax for their fuel again… in fact the government has not had to pay the promised RM0.30 per liter fuel subsidy since the beginning of November 2008 due to the dropping crude oil prices which leads to lower refinery prices.

According to Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Shahrir Samad, the government also collected taxes for fuel from September 2001 to February 2002, but after that period crude oil had gone up so the government had stopped collecting taxes to prevent fuel prices from going up too much.

From the current price of RM2 per liter from RON97 petrol, roughly 12 sen goes to the petrol stations and roughly 19 sen goes to the oil companies. The balance is RM1.69, but Shahrir says this is actually higher than the refinery price.

While he did not say exactly how much refinery prices were at the moment (this will go up and down according to crude oil prices), he gave an example of RM1.30 per liter. This means the government can make as much as 39 sen per liter of fuel, and this amount will vary as the refinery prices go up and down along the month.

Because of the change of situation and the potential now for long-term income from the sale of fuel in this country, the government Economic Council will be meeting this month to decide on a new mechanism for petrol pricing in the country. Things that could be discussed are how often should price revisions be made, and what kind of tolerances towards crude oil prices should there be. I would imagine they could decide on something like a maximum tax when crude oil prices are low (or alternatively, a floor price for petrol), and a maximum subsidy when crude oil prices are high.

It’s sad to see the government so easily turn its back on its promise of a RM0.30 per liter subsidy, but Datuk Shahrir is of the opinion that the current low fuel prices are quite fair and there’s no need to go drop them too much even though the government won’t have to pay fuel subsidies per liter. He says this additional revenue will be used to strengthen the economy in face of the threat of the recession.

I’m pretty sure the Cabinet is happy with Shahrir’s performance as Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs so far. He’s done his job well in helping tighten the government’s coffers, though many would argue it isn’t in the interest of “Consumer Affairs” at all.

All we can do is hope that the money saved and earned will be used in the right channels by those who have the nice job of choosing where to spend the money.

BTW, no one has revealed what the margins, subsidies and revenues are for diesel. Is there room to upgrade to something with less sulphur so we can enjoy cars like the Ford Focus TDCi and a potential upcoming diesel Honda City?

The above article is an exact cut and paste from a local automotive blog:

Fuel New Price
RON97 RM2.00
RON92 RM1.90
Diesel RM1.90

This is the fuel price effective from 18th Nov.

Hmm....when the world is suffering by financial crisis now, governments from different countries are giving millions and billions of dollars as financial aid for their beloved countries. We all know that rakyat suffered from the fuel price hike a few months ago and the price for goods haven't really gone down after several times of fuel price cut. Now what the government has done is that they are earning money from the fuel we are using. If we use more fuel, the government will earn more tax revenue. What do you say? I say this is ridiculous!

The G said that the fuel in Malaysia will always enjoy a subsidy of 30sen few months ago and later they said they won't drop the fuel cost below RM1.92.

I really do hope The G will let the fuel cost drop below RM1.92 and maintain a 30sen subsidy. For God sake Malaysia still produce oil and non-national car buyers paid alot of tax to the G. Some more car owners paid road tax every year!

Shit! I never know that the G can earn money from fuel tax even after they had put high tax to non-national cars.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kuching Night Scenery #1

Kuching Riverside - One of the best place for tourist to hang out at night.

Dewan Undangan Negeri / DUN - will become one of the most significant landmark in Kuching.