Monday, February 16, 2009

Smiling Kelly, 潘嘉丽!?

Who is 潘嘉丽 oo0... If one listens to Mandarin Songs often, 潘嘉丽 will be a familiar name to them.
She's from Singapore, winner from the 1st 'Super Star' Singing Competition and her English name is Kelly. She came to my college to promote her latest album aka her third album 'Smiling Kelly' last Friday.

She's not very tall, around 160cm, skinny and she got rabbit teeth. <--cute
She's energetic, smiling most of the time and very friendly.
She sang a few songs from her latest album and play some mini games with the chosen students.

She studied in NanYang poly, joined an airline as a air-stewardess, quit the job and became what she is today. Basically she's not that young anymore. She's 1983 which makes her 26 this year.

A gift from my club: Student Action Club aka Stact Club. She's the club's chairperson.

潘嘉丽 posing with a fan who bought her album. I did not take any photo with her because I did not have her original CD.