Monday, July 28, 2008

Want to Download YouTube Clip with ease?

Try this website:

Although it is not really an English website, but it's very easy and simple to use. Just copy the URL of your YouTube page, paste it into the box and then press Download Video!

Later you'll see Hoge kwaliteit .MP4 | Normale kwaliteit .FLV on the bottom of the box. Choose the format for your clip: FLV or MP4. Click either one and whoala!

No software, just internet. Hope this will make your life simpler.
Btw, it's my brother who told me bout this. Thanks dude.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reverse parking into a parking bay is better

Here’s something I didn’t realise. The UK’s Institute of Advanced Motorists Limited is advocating reverse parking. The following are the benefits of reverse parking rather than entering your parking bay head-first:

  • Data shows it takes about 90 seconds for an average 5-year old car’s engine to warm up and reach its thermal efficiency. According to IAM, reversing out of a parking bay while the engine is cold takes up between 20-25 times more fuel than when it is warm. Apparently driving away forwards will help you save fuel. Could be related to the usually lower gear ratio of the reverse gear compared to the first gear.
  • The UK’s Highway Code actually encourages reverse parking. This is because reversing into a parking bay which remains static (just an empty piece of road/cement, nothing will suddenly fill it up) is safer than reversing out into a road/lane which may have constant traffic where you cannot see easily. Driving out forwards into the road makes it easier for you to look out for incoming traffic.
  • Reversing close to a wall may make it more difficult for thieves to break into your boot as there will not be enough space for them to work.
  • With the amount of crime these days, it is easier to get out of the parking bay as fast as possible driving forward as it is easier for you to see where you are going in case you have to leave as fast as you can for security reasons.
This is an exact copy and paste from an automotive blog,

If any of you went to Singapore before, you might have noticed that Singaporeans like to park their car by reversing into the parking bay (almost 99%) whereas us Malaysian like to drive the car directly into the parking bay. Wondering why the way of thinking of Singaporeans and Malaysians are so much different in this area? Is it because when they were learning driving their instructor taught them this or what?

I'll try to do reverse parking in the future, not only safer but my reversing skill can be polished as well.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Trip to......??

Thursday, i had a meal at Burger King. "What's so special about this Burger King that become the first topic of this post?" Look carefully, which shopping do you think this is?

No idea? Let me show you the other picture as a tip.

One of the signboard in the building. Still no idea?

Not a shopping mall actually. The airport, KLIA. My friends needed to take their express bus at KLIA to go back Ipoh. So some of us decided to go with them to KLIA and have our dinner there. For those who stay in Subang or KL might think KLIA is very far, but for me , it only took 30 min to reach there by bus. How much? RM2.50 per way.

It's not a shopping mall so we need to find something to do to entertain ourselves.

Who is this? We don't bother.

We just make fun of him. One of my friends mimicking his action. How would you rate?

Here's another one.

This is a picture of our 1st PM. Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Look-a-like? This fellow in red said this picture gives an illusion of his C***K being S***KED. Sorry for being rude.

Then we decided to take some more serious photos.

Please ignore the person in Blue, he is just a staff.

This is not my first time fooling around in airport. I did this before with my other friends when i was still in Kuching. Kuching's 1st Starbucks was opened at Kuching Airport, so my friends liked to go to the airport just to drink some coffee and after the caffeine took their effect, they started to fool around.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random Snapshots #1

Feeling lonely ? I think i might have what you need...
I got this business card from my friend last month. Last month he came to KL and stayed in Berjaya Time Square Hotel. Before he walked into his hotel to check in, a guy gave him this business card. I think it is very obvious what this business card is trying to promote.

I don't encourage anyone to call this Mr.Albert for any service , i just want to share something with you . :D
So who is copying whose taillight?

A karaoke centre is opening soon near my college, so i guess it's a good news for those who like to sing.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Welcome Back! Still Under Construction

Finally, i can get to use this blog again.

I know many of you want to ask me this question,
"Why this martin ar, all the while using the multiply blog ar, then suddenly change to blogspot. Some more with a totally different URL?"

Ok, if you surf this blog again, you will see a post created around May, 07, which is last year. After i created this blog, i did not keep updating it as i was busy with my studies. As a result, i forgot my user name for logging in blogger!

After uncountable time of trying, i gave up and sign up for a new account at multiply which is the my most commonly-known-blog among my friends.

However, i found multiply to be not flexible enough in terms of customizing the blog. Therefore, i try to retrieve my user name again this time and i succeeded.

Currently this blog is still under construction so there will be more additional stuffs added into this blog in the very near future.