Friday, December 26, 2008

2009: 2nd round: Proton VS Perodua

The 1st round of battle between Proton and Perodua was on 2005. Perodua launched its Myvi and later Proton launched its Savvy. It was a huge success for Perodua and Proton was the big time loser. Perodua managed to sell around 7000 units of Myvi per month until now but Proton only sell less than 500 units of Savvy per month until now.

Proton's sales, was badly affected after the failure of Gen-2 and Savvy, given up the Malaysia no.1 car company title to Perodua. Proton doesn't satisfied with that of course, since Perodua is Pero-'DUA', it cannot be the no.1 in Malaysia right?

Then Proton kicked out its Mahathir connected CEO and hired a Ex-Perodua Senior Staff to replace him and came out with more practical models like Proton Persona and Proton Saga MK2.

Perodua on the other hand, after releasing Myvi, introduced Viva and Nautica to the Malaysia public.

Saga and Persona generates high volume of sales each month and helped Proton a lot in regaining market share. However, the total sales of both models still cannot beat Myvi+Viva( sales volume for Viva is around 5000 units per month). Then Proton thought of releasing something even more practical for Malaysian, a multi-purpose-vehicle, so called MPV.

Unfortunately, Perodua also thought of the same thing as well, releasing a MPV for the public. What's interesting is that both of them gonna release thier MPV on 2009, repeating the case that was taken place on the year 2005 which was releasing the same type of vehicle on the same year.

Toyota and Daihatsu, both mother companies to Perodua (Daihatsu holds Perodua and Toyota holds Daihatsu) released their all new compact MPV on Christmas. Since all Perodua models were from Daihatsu, this model will very likely to get a plastic surgery and a Perodua emblem and become Perodua's all new MPV.

It's powered by the almost-the-same 1.5 litre DVVT engine which can be found on Toyota Avanza and Perodua Nautica.

On the other hand, Proton's MPV, which was Researched and Developed by Proton, will released on March next year. It's powered by 1.6 litre Campro CPS which can be found on Waja and Gen-2.

Who's going become Malaysian's favourite national MPV? Time will tell.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Abnormal Breakfast

I recieved a sms from my brother this morning, around 11.15am. It says:' Starbucks 10yr anniversary, get your free coffee. Until 12pm. Quick!'

I hesitate for a while, because last time Secret Recipe celebrated their anniversary by giving away free cakes, but not in Sarawak. So i called my brother and checked with him if Kuching Starbucks offers such promotion. 'Dunno leh...not sure', that's what he said.

Since I haven't had my breakfast, I decided to give it a try. I get changed and drive to the nearest Starbucks, which is 9km away from my house, and that's the one in Kuching International Airport.

I managed to reach airport before 12pm, and I'm so happy when I saw the 10yr anniversary poster because it means i can get a free coffee.

I ordered a free coffee from the staff, and it's a hot brew black coffee, the only choice for free coffee. It's ok for me, because after I added full-cream milk and sugar provided by Starbucks, it basically became a branded Kopi-C.

A coffee without light food cannot considered as a breakfast and I was really hungry. Then I thought of McD, also located in the airport.

I ordered a cheeseburger which cost me RM3.90 (McD in Kuching is more expensive than the one in West Malaysia).

Then I had a Starbucks Kopi-C plus a McD cheeseburger for my breakfast.

Overall the breakfast costs me RM4.90 (including RM1 for parking fee).

I know I'm crazy... for driving so far to get a free branded Kopi-C.