Monday, May 25, 2009

Tagged by Boey

If Boey didn't remind me, i would not know she has tagged me in her blog. Paise to Boey as i didn't read your blog that frequently.

1.Besides your lips, where is the favorite spot to get kissed?
Hmm...cheek, maybe.

2.How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
Hot, cause it was 1pm.

3.Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?
If not mistaken that person or should i say they were Ah Tan, Shun Ping, Vui Yee, Ah Phua and his Kuantan friend.

4.Would you consider yourself spoiled?
Somehow yes, cause i have a very caring family.

5.Will you ever donate blood?
I've donated twice. =D

6.Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
Better opposite sex friend, yes but best, not really.

7.Do you want someone to be dead?

8.What does your last text message say?
Tonight you free to do moral assignment?

9.What are u thinking right now?
Finish this tag.

10. Do you want someone to be with you now?
No, cause i want to go to bed after doing this tag. =D

11.What was the time you went to bed last night?
Last night i didn't went to bed, it was this morning 7.30am.

12.Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
I don't think i am wearing any tee now.

13.Is someone on your mind right now?
Yes, Boey, she wants me to do this tag.

14.Who was the last person who text you?
Ah Phua.

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz...
1. Jessey
2. Jin Jin
3. Wan Ling
4. Yan Kai
5. Lik Ming
6. Ian
7. Yee Lin
8. Christine
9. Janet
10. Kim Tu

15. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
Ah Le.

16. Is no. 3 a male or a female?

17. If no. 7 and and no. 1 get together, would it be a good?
That would be a pair of lesbian.

18. What is no. 1 studying about?

19. When was the last time you chatted with them?
1--Forgot already.
2--This afternoon, left msg at her blog.
3--Forgot already, last few weeks i think.
4--Last few days in messenger.
5--Just now.
6--Just now.
7--Last few weeks i think.
8--Last few days.
9--Omg, forgot.

20. Is no. 4 single?
I think so.

21.Say something about no. 2.
She claimed herself to be angelic, but erhem....

22.What do you think about no. 2 and no. 6 being together?
Can't imagine.

23.Describe no. 9.
Cool from the outside, hot from the inside.

24. What will you do if no. 6 and no. 7 fight?
They will never fight so i will never do anything.

25. Do you like 8?
A good friend she is. =D

Friday, May 15, 2009

Nothing But the Truth

'Nothing but the Truth', is actually the title of an American film which open in US last October.

If you like Kate Beckinsale who acted as a nurse in the film 'Pearl Harbor', or you like politics and of course, the nasty parts of the politics, or you have the interest to be a journalist/ reporter/ serious blogger who writes stuffs about politics or you are those who, from the day you know what the word 'ambition' means, you promised yourself you want to become a lawyer when you grow up, then you should probably watch this film.

There's no bing bang boom, Holloywood style action scences, exotic scences that can make your nose bleed or superheroes flying here and there to save the world or romantic dinner and sweet talks in this film so you should know what kind of film I am talking right now.

Seriously, I think it is a nice film, inspired by a true event but not exactly based on a true story.
I'm not going to give my further opinions or comments for the movie. Just WATCH it if you are interested.