Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So long I did not update on my current status. I've finish my 6th semester in Diploma last month and currently having my 2 months holiday. However, I've started doing my voluntary internship at one company in Subang for 8 weeks. Currently I am in the 2nd week of the internship. Not having holidays, not having college life but having working life right now.

If everything goes as plan, I will only go back Kuching on Chinese New Year, which is around February next year and ya I can't wait to go back to eat kolo mee, beef noodle and sarawak laksa.

I have something to share here:

Facebook is really a powerful social networking site. It helped me to get in touch with some of my old friends whom I have not seen them for 7 to 8 years. I was so happy when I got to see how much they've changed or have not change. I was also very happy that I can once again keep in touch with them, especially when I finally found a person that I have been searching for 7 years.

One more thing about Facebook, recently through Facebook i found out that one of my ex-schoolmate or my senior, a lady, fall sick due to leukemia. I was surprised and upset when i see the notes posted in Facebook because from what i remember she is a very nice, friendly and outgoing lady and like what my friend said, good person should not be punished, only bad person should be. I am a Christian so I believe there's always a God's intention or God's reason behind every unfortunate events, which is yet to be known. She is undergoing treatment and I really wish her good luck and speed recovery.

Sorry for not posting any photos in this post. I know some of you (including me) do not like to read a post with uncountable words but this is a special post, so photos are excluded.

If u wan to visit Melaka

You must:

1. Go with a bunch of friends or families.

2. Eat Chicken Rice Ball.

3. Visit Kota A'Famosa.

4. Have a walk at Jonker Street during weekend.

5. Try the taiwanese beef noodle.

6. Take a ride on Eye On Malaysia.

7. Enjoy Satay Chu-Lut.

8. Visit St Paul Church.

9. Have Nyonya Food.

10. Play paintball at A'Famosa resort.

Melaka is a nice place to visit and there's more activities you can do there besides the above mentioned. Cuti-cuti Malaysia~!