Friday, March 4, 2011

Boom boom pow my ears!


Well, after waiting for 2 months, i finally got my new earbuds. It's Sennheiser CX-300II.
In the beginning i wasn't thinking of getting an expensive earphone because I've spoiled 4 earphones in 3 years.

But, yeah, there's alwasys a but. Expensive earphones = better quality = better noise insulation = provide better protection to ears = burn my wallet gao gao.

So i found out that in UK they sell this Sennheiser CX-300 II cheap: GBP 17!
In Australia they sell A$60-A$70
In SG and Malaysia they sell approx. RM210
See the difference now? Hell yeah!
So i did some research on it and decide not to get 1 from ebay nor Amazon UK because there're record of people getting counterfeit product from both websites. Then there're people saying that there's a UK website selling genuine Sennheiser: MyMemory

MyMemory sell this earphone a bit more expensive though around GBP20 but they can shipped the product to AUS. Therefore i give it a try.

Till today i can't confirm what i received is 100% genuine Sennheiser because i never see or use a genuine CX-300II before. But the 1 i received has amazing bass, great noise insulation and looks really genuine. So yeah probably it is real. But it's made in China though.

So yeah, if you intend to get an earphones, maybe you can try online purchase, provided the website sell genuine products. It saves some of your hard earn money but it definitely kills your shopping experience. Online shopping is soooo 'no feel'.


Lik MinG said...

Two things to tell you Martz...

The first thing... I'm pretty sure it'll be ok for stuffs to be made in China... Cuz even here arr... Omg almost 80% of da stuffs were made there... Haha and from what I've heard, exported China goods (the ones to UK/US, not M'sia..XD) are of decent, if not good quality..

The second thing, totally agree with you that internet shopping is so "no feel". Omg... Once in a while I just spend so much by sitting my ass on the com and randomly looks for stuffs in ebay... XD

BlogDeMartin said...

Haha, hey, US sells really cheap cameras. Damn!