Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Love, It's PEN

So how does a guy's ideal girlfriend gonna be? Well, she's gonna be:
1. nice looking. She doesn't have to be extremely beautiful, yet nice and comfortable to look at. And appearance can be a very subjective thing, some may say she's beautiful but some may say otherwise. That's why every guy end up with a different girl.
2. Unique. Oh yeah, every girl in this world is unique, no doubt of that, but it's just that if this specialty is what a guy want.
3. Size and....size. No offense but yeah this is true. Some prefer skinny girls and some prefer the chubby and cute one.
4. Stuff inside her head. That's 'What the H*ll is she thinking!'
5. and 'Whoa! She's capable of doing that!? Unbelievable!'

Then a guy come to this cross-road:
The 1st path is to this girl: Very capable girl. Cooks very good food, plays piano very well, really lovely personality, hardworking, Perfect housewife type. Her body's like Mariah Carey.

The 2nd path is to the other girl: Quite capable, but not as capable as the 1st girl. She can cook, but sometime mess thing up little bit if you request something she's not familiar with. Somehow lazier. She's gonna complaint if you ask her to work too hard. But she's still as lovely as the first one, fun to play with and she got a very cute face and body like Tae Yeon from SNSD (Girl's Generation); perfect for those who love kawaii Asian girl.

So who will you choose for this guy?

You see, i was having this problem, in choosing...not my girlfriend, but my next camera. Same rules apply and finally i chose the 2nd path. I just want my camera to be more compact, fun yet versatile and expandable. So yeah, i choose to love it, and it's PEN.


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Angelicjin said...

The first option is not a girl one can find lo, she's a goddess. No one will opt for her one lar, too stressful.